Retail Brands - DOWN TO EARTH
It goes by the philosophy

"Sowing the seeds of harmony in life".

Farming today is synonymous with fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. What we do not realize is that, the crops grown using these chemicals pass them on to food that eventually finds its way into our system. Organic farming is a sincere attempt at reversing this trend. It uses traditional farming methods that sustain the nutritive value of food without subjecting the crop to chemical warfare.

From being in the back end of the value chain for over 10 years, Morarka Organic has now got into the front end, i.e., retailing of certified organic products under its own brand 'Down to Earth'. While this initiative is expected to provide direct linkages to the thousands of certified organic producers, it will also enable quality conscious consumers to access the very best quality of food deserved by them at reasonable prices.

Down to Earth is expected to be India's answer to the global organic revolution. It is dedicated to bringing people back to the organic way of life. Down to Earth provides large range of food products- cereals, pulses, spices, condiments, fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy products, Ready-To-Eat snacks and much more-amounting to almost 90 percent of the Indian kitchen grocery.

All Down to Earth products undergo the strictest quality standard checks and are certified by the most stringent certification agencies in the world. Down To Earth is certified by OneCert Asia Agri. Certification Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of One Cert Inc. USA) as per NOP (USDA), NPOP (Government of India) and EU Standards for Organic Certification. Down to Earth products are now available at major supermarkets, modern trade outlets, stand alone organic stores across the country and through on lone sales. To know more about the portfolio and product details click here:
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